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“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist  

(R. Schumann)

Ronnie Farmer Jr.

An innovative visual artist, Ronnie Farmer, Jr., expresses great interest in the intersection of art, justice, and theology. Farmer uses dynamic colors and provocative images as a catalyst for dialogue about pressing social issues.  A native of Augusta, Georgia, Farmer’s art career began at Augusta’s John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School. Later he moved to Kentucky and earned a B.A. in Religion from Berea College and a M.A. in Worship and the Arts from Asbury Theological Seminary. 


During his time at Asbury, Farmer undertook an independent study, where he interviewed individuals who had overcome addiction and destructive modes of behavior. The culmination of this study was a series of paintings that chronicled personal narratives of suffering and triumph from inner brokenness. Farmer continues to use personal narrative to influence content of his paintings. 


In 2010, Farmer completed his clinical pastoral education at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, where he served as a resident chaplain in the pediatric intensive care unit. In order to minister to the unique needs of children, he employed creative arts into pastoral care encounters with both children and families in the form of art and music.  Farmer believes that the arts can provide a safe an nonthreatening space for processing trauma and grief and continues to be interested in the ways that art can serve as a vehicle for pastoral care. 

Farmer's vocational experience in global missions also informs his work. Having spent 3 years serving on leadership with TEAM missions, Farmer continues to be very interested in the intersection between The Great Commission and racial reconciliation. In 2015, Farmer served as TEAM missions featured artist during their 125th anniversary celebration tour to major cities across North America.


Farmer is currently the managing director of the I Have A Dream Preschool Academy, which champions racial reconciliation among children. 

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